SolderWeld Aluminum Coil Repair Kit

What does a condenser do on alternator?

"That thing mounted on the back of the alternator is a static or noise suppressor and it is a condenser. What it does is eliminate ignition noise so your radio doesn't buzz . Most modern radios have this built into the radio itself but on occasion an external one is needed for certain aftermarket radios.

The condenser absorbs the energy and prevents arcing between the points each time they open . This condenser also aids in the rapid collapse of the magnetic field.

Your car's compressor pumps refrigerant through your AC system to provide your vehicle with cool, comfortable air. Without the refrigerant circulation, your car will be unable to cool the air it distributes through your cabin —thus, leading to an AC system that produces warm air.

Well, this refrigerant and all the other parts that go with it to make your system churn are absolutely NO GOOD without the AC compressor . This magical little pump moves that refrigerant throughout the AC system. The compressor keeps the flow of refrigerant going and keeps your vehicle cool.

Can you drive with a broken air compressor?

Despite its critical role in the vehicle, it is possible to drive the vehicle without an ac compressor depending on the driver and what they want . If you don't need cold air in your car, you can drive without the air compressor, but be prepared that there will be no cold air coming out of the vents.

Your car is not safe to drive since the air compressor is operated by the same drive belt as the remainder of the engine (serpentine belt). Because the AC compressor has seized, this could cause the belt to lock up other components resulting in major engine damage.

Can You Drive with a Failed A/C Condenser? It's not comfortable to drive in warm weather without a working condenser, but this won't harm your vehicle . Still, you don't want to just ignore the problem.